Emotions are Your Guide to Greatness

The work I have been doing at the Blueprint of Greatness has helped me to see the importance of emotions in achieving greatness.

What we have found is that of the three types of barriers that hold people back, internal unconscious barriers are the most prolific in preventing men from fully expressing their greatness.  Continue reading “Emotions are Your Guide to Greatness”

Men Who Struggle to Express Emotions

Over the years, I have worked with many self-employed men who own service-based businesses. These men are often in blue-collar industries like contracting and commercial vehicle parts. One common trait that I keep seeing over and over again is a struggle “expressing emotions.”

The negative impact this has on these men’s professional and personal lives is evident when you see them struggle with relationships.  Continue reading “Men Who Struggle to Express Emotions”

Create a personal brand that reaches 500,000 in one year!

A personal brand is no longer an option, it is a must!

In our global, ultra-competitive world, the ability to scale your reputation into a global brand has never been more important.

In 2017, I was able to start from scratch and build a personal brand that reached 500,000 people. Many people want to know how I did it? Continue reading “Create a personal brand that reaches 500,000 in one year!”

What Really is Personal Branding?

When I started my career in 1997, my mentors who had made their careers in the 1970’s and 1980’s never spoke about a “Personal Brand”. To these business people from the previous generation, it was all about “reputation”.

1997 seems to be a fateful year, not just for me personally, but for all of the people who would enter the workforce from that year forward. Continue reading “What Really is Personal Branding?”

Why are you doing what you are doing?

It is truly surprising how few people can answer that simple question.

Consider the use of Social Media in business for instance.

Why are you posting what you are posting? Continue reading “Why are you doing what you are doing?”