Let’s get to know each other better, I’ll go first 🙂

Jamie Irvine
Transforming the experience of small business owners!

A little about my professional life.

As an Entrepreneur, Small Business Advisor, and Writer I have the privilege of using my entrepreneurial experience to teach small business owners how to build a great business. I write on my BLOG, offer a course entitled the Blueprint of a Great Business and I offer a Coaching Service to people who want to build great businesses.

I’ve been a guest on world class podcasts such as Enthead, Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling, Sales Babble, Unshackled Owner, and EOFire with John Lee Dumas (Airs on Aug 25, 2017).

I’m also a Sales Account Manager for Artic Truck Parts, a heavy duty parts distributor in the commercial vehicle industry. In this role, I personally oversee over $2 million dollars in annual sales and manage B2C social selling campaigns for my branch. My experience in this industry spans 20 years.

Before joining Artic Truck Parts, I was an entrepreneur who built a contracting business, from a start-up in 2009 to a successful sale to Pure Pressure in 2016. It was an amazing experience to build a company that employed a fantastic group of loyal employees and serviced a diverse customer base. I’m very proud of the marketing work our team did that resulted in over $300,000 in online sales over a 2 year period.

I’m truly passionate about my work as an Entrepreneur, Small Business Advisor, and Writer that teaches Small Business Owners how to transform their experience from frustration to greatness.

I have completed entrepreneurial training from Michael E. Gerber and sales training from the Banff Academy of Business.

Things I am good at in business.

Entrepreneurship – Small Business – Writing – Public Speaking – Mentoring – Podcast Interviews – Personality Profile Assessments – Sales Growth – Strategic B2B Sales and B2C Marketing

A little about my personal life.

I’m a family man, I’m a son, a dad, a husband, a brother, an uncle, and a cousin.

I love sports including; hockey, basketball, tennis, road cycling, downhill cycling, running, hiking, skeet shooting, and long-range target shooting. I’ve climbed the Coastal Mountains of British Columbia on foot and rode my cyclocross bike to the top of the Canadian Rockies.

As a person I love people and I am genuinely interested in helping others.

If someone wants to work with you, how should they go about contacting you?

People can contact me by going to www.jamieirvine.ca/contact.